Where is the course resources folder for winutils.exe

From the first class installation instructions, Step 6 says to "download winutils.exe from the course resources folder". I could not find such a folder anywhere. On the top of my navi taps, there are, from the leftmost to rightmost, Home, Blog, Tutorials, contact Us, DeZyre for Business, My Account, Sign Out. Can someone help let me a pointer to its location? Much appreciated!

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Hi Chunhua ,
Winutils.exe is available in the google drive location , not in the Dezyre website.
Below is the google drive location:
Software for Lab -----------> will contain software and utilities required for setting up the lab
If you do not have access to this location,send an email to Prashanth or Dezyre support team.



Hi Ganesh,
Thanks for helping Chunhua.

@Chunhua: As mention by Ganesh, the file is available in you google drive link.