Class 2 - Hadoop 2.7.3 Installation Guide



I was not able to attend the last weekend Class, So going throw the recording sessions to install Hadoop with " Hadoop 2.7.3 Installation Guide ". I was able to complete till step 6. In step 7 after 'vi .bashrc" how to paste all the export comments? And how to close the file after we add the export staement?


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Hi Santhosh,

When you execute the command with vi editor. It will open the file.

1. Press INSERT key to enable editing the file.

2. Use the cursor key to navigation to the location where you want to add the export statements.

3. Press SHIFT + INSERT to paste the export statements.

4. After adding all the export statements, Press ESC key,

5. Type -


to write and save the content.

Please refer the tutorial link below for more details:

Hope this helps.