I am getting error for the linux commands


[cloudera@localhost dezyre]$ cp file1.txt backup/file3.txt
cp: cannot create regular file `backup/file3.txt': No such file or directory

[cloudera@localhost dezyre]$ mv file2.txt backup/file4.txt
mv: cannot move `file2.txt' to `backup/file4.txt': No such file or directory

[cloudera@localhost ~]$ sudo adduser --ingroup dezyre_group dezyre_user
adduser: unrecognized option '--ingroup'
Usage: useradd [options] LOGIN


HDFS commands :

[cloudera@localhost tmp]$ hadoop fs -mkdir /dezyre
mkdir: Permission denied: user=cloudera, access=WRITE, inode="/":hdfs:supergroup:drwxr-xr-x


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Hi Jeeva,

You are getting many errors:

1 & 2 errors are because of permission to not read the file. You can confirm the same by using command:
$ ls -lrht or $ ll

3 error because you are using the wrong command. The correct command should be:
$ adduser -G dezyre_group dezyre_user

4 error because, hdfs permission for cloudera user are always limited to /user/cloudera. You can create any folder inside the /user/cloudera. You are trying to create folder in the root structure.

Correct command would be; $ hadoop fs -mkdir dezyre or $ hadoop fs -mkdir /user/cloudera/dezyre

Hope this helps.



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