How to convert STRING to DateTime in Python?

How to convert STRING to DateTime in Python?

How to convert STRING to DateTime in Python?

This recipe helps you convert STRING to DateTime in Python

In [1]:
## How to convert STRING to DateTime in Python
def Kickstarter_Example_53():
    print(format('How to convert STRING to DateTime in Python','*^82'))
    import warnings

    # Load Libraries
    from datetime import datetime
    from dateutil.parser import parse
    import pandas as pd
    # Create a string variable with a datetime
    date_start = '2012-03-03'
    # Convert the string to datetime format
    print(datetime.strptime(date_start, '%Y-%m-%d'))
    # Create a list of strings as dates
    dates = ['7/2/2017', '8/6/2016', '11/13/2015', '5/26/2014', '5/2/2013']
    # Use parse() to attempt to auto-convert common string formats

    print([parse(x) for x in dates])
    # Use parse, but designate that the day is first
    print(parse(date_start, dayfirst=True))

    # Create a dataframe
    data = {'date': ['2014-05-01 18:47:05.069722', '2014-05-01 18:47:05.119994',
                     '2014-05-02 18:47:05.178768', '2014-05-02 18:47:05.230071',
                     '2014-05-02 18:47:05.230071', '2014-05-02 18:47:05.280592',
                     '2014-05-03 18:47:05.332662', '2014-05-03 18:47:05.385109',
                     '2014-05-04 18:47:05.436523', '2014-05-04 18:47:05.486877'],
            'value': [1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1]}
    df = pd.DataFrame(data, columns = ['date', 'value'])
    # Convert df['date'] from string to datetime
*******************How to convert STRING to DateTime in Python********************

2012-03-03 00:00:00

2012-03-03 00:00:00

[datetime.datetime(2017, 7, 2, 0, 0), datetime.datetime(2016, 8, 6, 0, 0), datetime.datetime(2015, 11, 13, 0, 0), datetime.datetime(2014, 5, 26, 0, 0), datetime.datetime(2013, 5, 2, 0, 0)]

2012-03-03 00:00:00
date     object
value     int64
dtype: object

0   2014-05-01 18:47:05.069722
1   2014-05-01 18:47:05.119994
2   2014-05-02 18:47:05.178768
3   2014-05-02 18:47:05.230071
4   2014-05-02 18:47:05.230071
5   2014-05-02 18:47:05.280592
6   2014-05-03 18:47:05.332662
7   2014-05-03 18:47:05.385109
8   2014-05-04 18:47:05.436523
9   2014-05-04 18:47:05.486877
Name: date, dtype: datetime64[ns]

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