Using Java on a local machine with a virtual instance of hadoop

I am using putty to access a remote instance of hadoop (amazon). how will I utilize local java applications in that environment?

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Raymond, the below steps should be good enough to move files/Jars etc. from your local machine to dezyre ubuntu instance.

1) develop you Map Reduce programs in Local environment
2) Make a JAR of the program(s) that you want to submit to Hadoop Cluster
3) use WINSCP(Use .ppk file, hostname, username(ec2-user) or any File transfer tool like sFTP to transfer the JAR from Step2 which is in your localmachine to dezyre Amazon Instance.
4) Use copyFromLocal command on amazon instance to move JAR to hdfs desired location.


hi Raymond,

you can use Winscp application to transfer files from local machine to Amazon servers. Winscp can be downloaded from


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