Why is debt different on a cash flow statement and a balance sheet?

i am going through HAL (Haliburton) financial statements as an exercise to understand cash flow. i was expecting long term debt be shown in cash flow as 996 instead of 978 because if you see long term debt in balance sheet increased between 2010 and 2011 by 996. i don't know why the numbers are different between cash flow and balance sheet. can you please explain it to me? i have given all the relevant data below.

Balance sheet:
Year 2011 2010
Total current liabilities 4,121 2,757
Long-term debt 4,820 3,824

cash flow:

Cash flows from financing activities:
Year 2011 2010
Proceeds from long-term borrowings, net of offering costs 978 1,975
Payments on long-term borrowings – (790) (31 )

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One reason for the difference could be offering costs (as mentioned in the cash flow statement). But 20% of the debt value is too much to be offering costs.

Will have to read the MD&A section in detail to figure out the remaining difference.